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Athletic Policy/Handbook

When a 5th – 8th grade student fails to turn in a homework assignment, he/she will receive a "Late Homework Notice" which will need to be signed by both the student and the parent. Both the signed form and the late assignment must be turned in on the following school day. When a student accumulates 7 late homework notices in a trimester, he/she will serve a detention and is ineligible for one week from all sports, student council and/or any extracurricular activities associated with St. Norbert School. Ineligibility will begin on the day of the assigned detention. At the end of that week, students must have all late assignments completed and be current on all new assignments in order to be eligible to participate in the activity again. If the student has any missing or late work at that time, he/she will be ineligible for an additional week. If after these two weeks the student still has late or missing work, a meeting with the student and his/her parent will be held to determine next steps.