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Lunch and Snacks


Kiddos lunch service is available with an assortment of meal options. Order by 12:00 noon on Wednesday for lunch service the following week. Lunches may be ordered weeks or even months in advance and still have the opportunity to make changes up until that cut off the week prior. 


Lunches do not come with a drink. Please order milk from the school for the whole school year, or send your child with a beverage.

Lunch Reminders

  •       Please send your student with a drink, if they have not ordered milk.
  •       We are unable to microwave or refrigerate lunches.
  •       If sending lunch for your student, please also send napkins and/or hand wipes with them.


Lunch Volunteers

Volunteers are an important part of lunchtime at school. Lunchtime is a nice opportunity to see your child during the school day and kids enjoy seeing family at school. One volunteer is requested during each of our two lunch periods:

                  11:40-12:05        Lunch for 5th-8th Grade

                  12:08-12:30        Lunch for K-4th Grade


Volunteers must be Virtus Trained. But it’s easy and simple to do and it only has to be done once!! Contact Mary Huettl for more information. 847-272-0051

Thank you so much for volunteering! Your help is greatly appreciated.

Snacks and Treats

Students in preschool through 5th grade have snack time in the classroom. Please see your teacher for specific guidance, but please keep in mind the following reminders:

  •       Snacks are to be nut-free.
  •       Healthy snacks are encouraged.
  •       When treats are brought into the classroom to share for celebrations, they should be store-bought and nut-free.