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Why St. Norbert School

Be Understood
As a Pre-K through 8th-grade school, St. Norbert School continuously develops a student's cognitive and emotional intelligence for more than ten consecutive years, from their first small successes in pre-school through the final days of eighth grade, providing teachers with the insight and opportunity to refine classroom approaches and curricula to each student's evolving learning style.

Make Better Choices
Every day, every week, every month, and every year, St. Norbert School embeds in each student the values, character, and judgment to not only distinguish between right and wrong, but to leverage that knowledge to make better personal choices based on our faith.

Learn Responsibility
Through the school's Faith Buddy Program, St. Norbert School students learn firsthand about leadership and personal responsibility by befriending, encouraging and mentoring students in lower grade levels in order to increase their younger classmates' budding sense of belonging and community.

Do More
St. Norbert School students do more, both in and out of the classroom. St. Norbert School offers elective courses as diverse as Sculpture, Robotics, Stomp, and 3D design, has managed class sizes that encourage active student participation and one-on-one interaction between teachers and students, and has a no-cut sports program that builds a student's self-esteem while giving them a chance to experience being part of a team.

Thrive in High School
St. Norbert School equips each student with the fundamental knowledge, demonstrated study skills, technological savvy, and personal self-discipline to succeed and thrive in the public or private high school of their choice. Many of our students are accepted into honors and other distinguished programs at their respective schools.