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St. Norbert School prepares students to live lives of service to be active and responsible citizens through the Church's social teaching. In forming and preparing students the school is also transforming them to see God in those they serve as well as in themselves. This endeavor also helps St. Norbert students to see the connection between celebrating the Eucharist and living it in their daily lives.

Over the years St. Norbert School has made a commitment to serve a wide variety of organizations, both local and international. This commitment involves our staff, students, and parents and includes projects such as:

  • Advent Collection for Local Residents in Need
  • Food Drives
  • Operation Rice Bowl Collection during Lent
  • Volunteer Work at Soup Kitchens
  • El NiƱo Rey
  • Book Drives
  • Monthly Mission Collections
  • School Supply Donations to Schools in Need
  • Letters to the Military
  • Cards to the Newly Baptized
  • Mass Buddies
  • Clothing Drives
  • Cleaning the Pews in the Church