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Parent & Alum Testimonials

William C. Holohan, DDS

"St. Norbert parish is our home. Having our four children attend our parish school has enriched every aspect of our family life. Our two graduates owe much of their success in high school to the dedicated and caring teachers and staff at St. Norbert School."

Mother of 2009 & 2012 Graduates

“All of the schools in Northbrook share a commitment to academic excellence and St. Norbert is no exception. My children were well prepared to tackle advanced subjects in high school. Just as vital, St. Norbert encouraged a sense of purpose in my children, instilled in them the value of discipline and taught them the importance of community.”

Current Parent

"Community, academic innovation and faith are why our family chose St. Norbert school. Our children's faith is fostered in their school environment by the faculty, their peers, and the larger school community. Academically, St. Norbert School consistently has graduates excel in high school, college and professionally. The school's vision of fostering innovative approaches to education and integrating the latest technology in all academic areas, gives me confidence that my two early elementary school students will be well prepared for high school and beyond in the twenty-first century."

Liz and Michael Howard: Parents of Three Current St. Norbert Students

“St. Norbert is proudly a Catholic school where faith is a part of daily life. From the opening prayer each morning to grace said before lunch to weekly Mass, there are clear examples of formal integration of the faith into the curriculum.”

PreSchool Parent

"St. Norbert has been my daughter’s home away from home during some of the most difficult of times. Your acceptance of her and the love she feels here healed us all more than you know.”

Current Parent

"Our experience at St. Norbert School has been extremely positive. We have enjoyed seeing our children blossom from the quiet toddler who entered preschool to a prepared, engaged, inquisitive, responsible and respectful first grader. The St. Norbert School staff works with each child to help them reach their full potential and to help guide the students to appreciate each individual's gifts and talents."

Proud Parent of 3 St. Norbert Students

“St. Norbert is the perfect school for our family. There are many schools in the area that provide a high quality education and St. Norbert is certainly high on that list. To us, what sets St. Norbert aside from the other schools is that it is not only a school, it is a community. The school parents are involved in the school, the community, and in their children's education. We are comforted to be able to know the parents and teachers of the school by name. The teachers are committed to doing everything possible to teach the students in creative and innovative ways and the administration has shown that it has the foresight and resolve to make the changes that will keep the school at the front of the pack. Our children are not only receiving a top notch education, they are also receiving the ethics and morals that the school's strong Catholic identity instills in our children and their peers. We feel comfortable with our children's school family and confident in their futures as Graduating from St. Norbert will be a source of pride they will be able to carry with them throughout their lives. St. Norbert is the perfect school for our family.”

Emily Callahan: Class of 2012

Excerpt from speech at Catholic Schools Week kick-off Mass on January 31, 2016:

"I didn’t know it then, but my academic and moral values would be challenged and shaped over the next four years. What never changed was my educational and spiritual foundation which was formed here at St. Norbert School."

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Mary Huettl: 6th and 8th Grade Parent

"St. Norbert is more than just a school. It is the Catholic community that allows children to grow both academically and spiritually. The children are challenged academically but
more importantly they are challenged to live God's word everyday; treating others with love and respect in the classroom, on the playground as well as on the playing field."

Diane Dolan: Parent of four St. Norbert Graduates ('05, '09, '12, '13) 

“The success of my children (measured by their ability to be meaningful and purposeful members of the society in which they live) is due in large part to the nurturing partnership I, as a parent, have experienced with St. Norbert School. My four children have graduated from St. Norbert with the confidence and skill to pursue dreams.”

Kerrigan McNulty: Class of 1994 and Former Staff Member

"My educational experience was so great that I came back to was such a caring and comfortable place. I was thrilled to have the opportunity to join the family again as a staff member!"