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Doings, Happenings, and Goings-On

8th grade SS - Test next Tuesday (11/10) on Reconstruction/Urbanization/Industrialization/Immigration/Unions.  Remind me to come up with a snappier name for this unit next year. 
7th grade SS - Test next Wednesday (11/11) on the Bill of Rights.  
7th grade Religion - Eventually we'll have a test on Paul's Missionary Journeys, but not for another few weeks.
6th grade SS - We just started a unit on the United States, so we won't have another test this trimester.  I'm trying to be mean to them to compensate, but they actually seem to enjoy that. 

Doings, Happenings, and Goings-On

6th grade SS - They are desperately in need of a test, and thus they will get one, next Thursday, the 22nd.  Chicago Part Two: The Fire forward.  We will have a review on Monday.
7th grade SS - We're in the Bill of Rights unit.  That test is still some time away.
8th grade SS - We just began the Reconstruction unit.  We're just getting it together.  Get it?  Get it?

Test Reminders

7th Grade - Social Studies test (Constitution Articles 2 through 7) on Monday.  Bible Quiz on Tuesday.
8th Grade - Social Studies test (Civil War #2) on Thursday morning.
6th Grade - No test next week...but I'll try to think of something mean to do. :)

8th Grade Test Update will be next Thursday (the half-day leading into conferences).  I will be stealing Mr. B's Religion period to give the test from 8-8:50.  All of the notes are posted in Google Classroom.  We will have a full review next Tuesday. 

Doings, Happenings, and Goings-On 9/29/20

7th grade SS - I'm pushing the test back to next week Monday.  We'll have a review session on Thursday.  We're also beginning to work through the famous Constitution blue workbook.  Units 1-3 are due on Thursday.
6th grade SS - There was an atlas assignment due today.  There is no assignment for Thursday.  I don't anticipate a test for another couple of weeks.
7th grade Religion - Today we met Elijah, a rather consequential character.  The next Bible Quiz will be mid-week next week.  There will likely be an Alive in Christ assignment later this week.
8th grade SS - The end of the Civil War is in sight.  Next week Tuesday seems like the likely test date. 

Doings, Happenings, and Goings-On 9/23/20

It's probably a good time for an update as we swing around the league...
7th Religion - Bible Quiz #2 was yesterday and it sure beat Bible Quiz #1.  Seems like they figured out right quick what to expect from me.  There is an Alive in Christ assignment (Chapter 6) due tomorrow.  I don't anticipate any other homework this week.  The next Bible quiz will be on Acts and will be the later half of next week. 
7th Social Studies - We've been discussing the Supreme Court.  Timely, and totally coincidental.  Tomorrow we can wrap up MY unit on the Constitution (the Federal Constitution "blue book" test is down the road) and take Constitution Test #2 on Monday, a full day early!  Incredible!  There is a We the People book assignment due tomorrow (pg. 30 1-5).  I won't assign any homework for Monday since they'll have a test.  Next up: the Bill of Rights.  
8th Social Studies - They have homework for Friday, both a Gettysburg reading with questions and their first current events article of the year.  I'm looking to finish up the Civil War unit, and therefore have Civil War Test #2, the week after next. 
6th Social Studies - They have a textbook assignment due tomorrow.  We just got through discussing the Haymarket Riot, and despite talk of anarchists and "Bugs Bunny" bombs, no one was injured.  Tomorrow we'll start discussing the 1893 Columbian Exposition, and then breeze through 125 years of Chicago history next week.  I want to do some map work with neighborhoods before we bring the Chicago unit to a graceful end, so I'm looking at the next test being the second week of October. 
Mr. D-C

I'm Back! And Homework Updates

I hadn't been posting homework on here, because everything is in Google Classroom.  But since parents can't see the Classroom, I should probably post things here too, just to be on the safe side.'s where we stand with what:
7th grade Religion - no current homework; expect the next Bible quiz early next week (I'm thinking Tuesday).
7th grade Social Studies - Current events article due this Friday.  Longform reading/questions on "The Executive Branch" due next Tuesday.
8th grade Social Studies - we just took a test yesterday, so there is nothing currently due.
6th grade Social Studies - all sorts of good stuff: test on Friday (Chicago Unit #1).  All the notes are posted in Google Classroom.  Current events article due Friday as well. 
6th grade Study Skills - Holes question sheet due Friday.  Thursday's class I will use to review Social Studies for Friday's test 

7th grade PPs

I've decided to post this round of Presidential PPs because there were so many days missed because of illness this trimester.  Stop sneezing!

Doings, Happenings, and Goings-On 2/24/20

7th Grade Religion has homework due tomorrow: a worksheet on Acts 16, 17, and 18.
Socials Studies tests for 7th and 8th grade continue to be on the schedule for Thursday. 
On Friday's half day I'm only going to need articles from 6th grade.  That's what they get for not having a test.
A big thanks to all the kids who came out for Quiz Bowl in Barrington on Saturday, and a big thanks to the parents who got them there and back.  We went 3-5 for the day, but came within 5 points against Mary, Seat of Wisdom of going 4-4.  We also answered a question about Mary ahead of Mary, Seat of Wisdom, which is some kind of moral victory. A good time and deep dish pizza was had by all. 
Next quizzer is at Northwestern University on 3/7.  Because of Science Fair regionals we won't have the 7th graders till the afternoon.  Time for 6th grade to step up!

Doings, Happenings, and Goings-On 2/20/20

Hello Norbertinians. 
We have an article due tomorrow across all the Social Studies classes.  Hopefully we won't have many on the Coronavirus.  I can't tell you how tired I am of hearing about it.  It's just the flu.  Maybe somebody could do one on last night's Democratic debate.  That was good television. 
Next week we have two tests on Thursday: Presidents #2 in 7th grade and Great Depression/World War II #1 in 8th grade.  The 6th grade escapes any test next week but I promise to do something particularly nasty to them to start off the third trimester. 
Chess Club returns on Monday.  This Saturday, 2/22, we have a Quiz Bowl meet at Barrington Station Middle School in, you guessed it, Barrington.  Right now I've got the Gehrs boys, Martin G., Marissa, Sam, and Huey Peterson.  I'd take on the world with that crew, but if one or two don't show up, that would be tough.  So please show up.  8:30 sharp.  Bring your brain and pizza money. 
That's all I've got.  How are you?

Happenings, Doings, and Goings-On 2/14/20

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!
Congratulations to the 7th grade girls for rocking today's talent show!  I would have offered some choreography ideas, but they forgot to ask me. 
The only homework is in 7th grade Religion, where Acts 13, 14, and 15 became a take-home worksheet.  This isn't a quiz.  They can use their Bible.  In fact, they SHOULD use their Bible.  It would help.  A lot.
Everyone have a wonderful President's Day weekend!  Take a moment to think about your favorite Presidents, like John Tyler and Warren G. Harding.
Peace out. 

Doings, Happenings, and Goings-On 2/12/20

If a 6th, 7th, or 8th grade student has a C- or below in SS (or 7th grade Religion), I am offering an extra credit opportunity.  I will be announcing this across all of my classes tomorrow (Thursday). 
If the student wants to take this opportunity, they must first send me an email stating such.  I will not chase them down and beg them to do extra credit.  They are to write a two-page (double space, one inch margin) paper with no less than three sources on a topic I assign them when I respond to their email.  This paper would be due by Thursday, March 5th, one day before the end of the trimester.  The paper would be worth UP TO 30 points...which would be enough to raise a grade by one letter.  Please keep in mind that in each class there is still one more test coming up before the trimester ends, so there is still opportunity to raise a grade independent of this paper. 
I will give them details in my response to their email.  However, roughly speaking, the 8th grade paper would be on an American historical event, the 7th grade on a government topic, the 6th grade on a state historical event, and Religion on an exploration of a specific New Testament theme.  Each student will get a different topic. 
Have a great day!

Doings, Happenings, and Goings-On 2/11/20

Howdy Good People,
I don't have much in the way of homework, but I do have a few notes...
-A minute ago I sent copies of the Presidential PowerPoints missed to all the 7th graders who have been (or continue to be) out sick over the last several days.  
-Tomorrow during the Religion period the 7th grade is going to have a Valentine's Day party downstairs with their buddies. 
-I have no scheduled party on Friday itself, but if any of the kids want to bring anything, I'm cool with them eating during the homerooms or Religion class.  My Social Studies class on Friday is wiped out by the 1:30pm talent show. 
-6th and 8th grade have articles due on Friday as usual.
-In 7th grade we'll do the Acts quiz on Friday (covering 13, 14, 15).  I'll do a review on Thursday.
-We have several upcoming events.  Next Wednesday (the 19th) after school St. Norbert will host three other schools in a round-robin.  This is the first of three meetings amongst our grouping in the inaugural season of the Catholic School Quiz Bowl League.  I have enough players for this event, however....
On Saturday the 22nd we have a tournament in Barrington and at this point I have three definites and four maybes.  I could use several more.
On Saturday March 7th we have a tournament at Northwestern.  The 7th grade has Science Fair Regionals that day, so I REALLY REALLY need the 6th and 8th grades to step up and play at Northwestern. It is my birthday that day, so do it for me 'cause you love me.  Or for the free pizza.  Whatever the reason, just do it. 
That is all.

Doings, Happenings, and Goings-On 2/5/20

6th Grade SS - Map of Midwestern cities and features, due tomorrow
All SS - Article on Friday
7th Grade Religion - We read Acts 13 today and we'll read Acts 14 tomorrow.  That means, you guessed it, quiz Friday on Acts 13 and 14.

Doings, Happenings, and Goings-On 1/29/20

Today's Religion period was spent putting together the food element of the blessing bags.  Service is a great extension and illustration of religious intent, but tomorrow we'll be back to regular ol' Religion class for the first time in about a week.  Acts 11 & 12 and Mass Response re-take are still on the agenda. 
7th Grade SS Test (Presidents #1) is on tap for tomorrow.  As I told the scholars today, it is all multiple choice.  Pay special attention to the "Before They Were President" and "What They Done Did" sections, that's where 9 of every 10 questions will be drawn from.  They need to know these first 7 Presidents in order.  They DO NOT need to know the years. 
8th Grade SS Test is Friday.  We did a full review today so hopefully everyone knows where they stand. The test is entirely short answer and matching. 
In 6th Grade SS we're moving on to the Midwest.  So everyone will get to learn about where Grandma lives. 
6th & 7th grades will have articles due Friday.  8th grade doesn't because they have a test.