Homework 3/4/22
6th Religion-  Today we read the Venture.
6th Science- In Amplify Science, complete IN pp. 60,61,62,63, read & annotate C1-C2,64.
Read Science World article "Warmth from Within", watch the embedded video, and do the sheet called Read and Watch. (The Science World assignment is posted in Google Classroom.)
***Critical Juncture Assessment will be on Tuesday, March 8!
7th Science- Complete IN pp. 68,69,70,71,72,73,76,D1-D3,77,79,80.
8th Science- 
***The End of Unit Assessment for Natural Selection unit will be on Monday, March 7! 
Nature Appreciation 2- Thank you for being in the class! I hope to see you all next year in another of the Nature Appreciation courses!