Homework 4/8/22
6th Religion-  
Practice your Stations of the Cross part(s). We will be leading the school on Tuesday, April 12.
6th Science- Complete any Science World or BrainPop work from before Spring Break. Everything is in Google Classroom. If you need to finish BrainPop work, I hope you took a sheet off of my computer table!
In your Oceans, Atmosphere and Climate IN, complete pp. 78,79,82, read & annotate E1-E3 "The Gulf Stream: a Current That Helped Win a War",83.
7th Science- Complete the Science World work from before Spring Break. This work was due today and is now late if you haven't turned it all in. 
The project for Silent Spring (Women's History month) should be finished and turned in as well as the packet.
8th Science-  Complete IN pp. 31,32,34,35, read & annotate C1-C6,36.