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Welcome to Preschool!

The Preschool at St. Norbert is open to all three and four-year old’s and features both full day and half day program options. Our play-based curriculum allows students to learn through hands on activities in a mix of guided and creative activities. This gives students the opportunity to explore, imagine and discover for themselves as they learn to make sense of our world in a safe and comfortable environment. The result is learning how to cooperate with others and a gain of social skills, healthy self-concept and healthy self-esteem. Children in our preschool develop a love for learning and a readiness for kindergarten.



Our distinctive buddy program pairs preschool students with buddies from our middle school. This gives students the opportunity to learn from older children through special activities and service projects throughout the year. Additionally, buddies attend mass together every other week. This is a great way for our youngest learners to get more comfortable with the mechanics of mass.




One of the great benefits of our preschool is the school environment. Students get acclimated to the ways of school at an early age. This means students learn to move as a class to different areas of our school. For instance, students eat lunch in a cafeteria, use age appropriate preschool only bathrooms and visit the art and Spanish rooms respectively. This when combined with our play-based curriculum provides a safe learning environment that readies children for a peaceful transition to Kindergarten.





Preschool students enjoy an array of enrichment opportunities including Spanish, music and physical education. This exposes children to varied learning experiences designed to allow young children to strengthen various academic areas as well as benefit from the expertise of the enrichment teachers.

The main focus of preschool Spanish is for students to be exposed to the language. Through song, we work on the most basic parts of the language, starting with learning the alphabet and the numbers and colors.

Preschool students experience music class each week where students focus on fun catchy songs, dancing, movement and exploring of instruments. Students also enjoy literature woven into music.

Physical Education
Preschool students enjoy physical education class each week. During this time children not only get exercise in our gym but also learn to follow directions and get along with one another through fun games and exercises.


Half Day After School Options:



All half day preschool students have the opportunity to take part in Young Rembrandts as an after-school activity on Wednesdays. Young Rembrandts drawing classes offer a unique curriculum that engages both sides of your child’s brain. This brain-based learning method lends itself to the complete education and development of modern minds.




All five-day, morning preschool students have the opportunity to take part in lunch bunch every Monday and Friday. This program allows young children to extend their morning fun by an hour by enjoying our playground equipment and eating lunch with the other full day students.


Full Day After School Options:




The Fitness, Faith & Fun Club is designed to introduce the importance of healthy habits and positive body image to young children. Each session will include a fitness activity, educational project, service project, journal entries and a healthy snack. This club is open to all preK-5th grade students.




Tiny Chefs is designed to teach children some of the most important facts in healthy eating as well as basic skills in an everyday kitchen. Tiny chefs is open to students in PreK4 – 5th grade.